My days in Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park: The landscape changed suddenly. As soon as we took the turn upwards, The dense forest welcomed us. The towering Sal trees on either sides of the road took me to their remote village called Mohan in the Corbett national park, the bumpy road, flowing river alongside and the few scattered houses was what I saw while travelling through the jungle. Jim Corbett National Park

You feel a sense of belongingness amidst nature. The dense forest and its scenic landscape simply take you on a journey to the unknown. I like such journeys where you embark on a self rejuvenating voyage.

1. Journey Starts: 18-03-2020 to 20-04-2020

A never forgetting experience I had here will be the one everlasting. I am look forward to visit all these sites again in the near future.

Three months earlier I visited Jim Corbett National Park for a 2 months internship with WWF (Worldwide Fund For Nature) for camera trapping and tiger monitoring activities. It was just an official tour but we smashed this trip like one of the most memorable event of my life.

journey starts jim corbett
journey starts

My trip was officially of two months but due to COVID-19 pandemic we had to cut our trip to half thus proving this pandemic as a weed among the roses. Our one month stay was arranged at different locations in the national park according to the work need in different beats of the forest in forest quarters and lodges. Really it was wonderful staying at the wildlife lodges.

2. Elephants in Jim Corbett : Ganga and Kapila

We had to prepare our own food and truly speaking that was an excellent experience for me and the group of my friends who came along with me enjoyed the luxurious amenities at most.

The very first day of our trip was confined to Mohan itself, the place of our first stay had local sightseeing and we placed two pairs of camera traps in some adjoining beats.

elephants at jim corbett
ganga and kapila

We enjoyed a lot with the amenities being provided by the forest department in the premises of the resort. We all went for fun in the Kosi river where we bathed for a long hour. Camera was kept ready to capture the entire moment of the elephants at jim corbett parkact. We also left our rooms sometimes for local sightseeing.

It was simply awesome experience while enjoying the serene ambience of natural beauty of the Jim Corbett National Park of Uttarakhand.

The Jeep and elephant ride to the jungle was full of excitement and uncertainty. The hours of jeep safari ride passed through the deep and dense Sal forested area of the

Haldupadao Rest House
Haldupadao Rest House

Corbett while we also had an elephant ride where we sat at the back of a female elephant to place a pair of camera traps in a man-eater prone tiger territory. The two elephants, Ganga and Kapila are at the Halduparao forest rest house of the Palain range.

3. Final days : Jim Corbett National Park

Every day was full of excitement and fascinating new sightings. I learnt a new perspective to lookup towards nature that seemed strange to me before.

The Indian Sailor
The Indian Sailor

After successful two weeks, we left for Kalagarh Tiger Reserve and then for Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary. The visit to Ramganga Dam was the best and the fanciest experience I ever had in my lifetime. We travelled in a jet boat to different locations at the dam to lay 4 different pairs of camera traps.

sonanadi wildlife santuary
sonanadi wildlife santuary

The camera traps we used were of the best quality and comes from a well known camera manufacturing company known as CUDDLEBACK. Models that we used there are C1, PRO, and cuddle back ATTACK.

My everlasting experience that I had there includes the sighting of birds thus coming up with a checklist of approximately 70 bird species including the Indian grey and oriental pied Hornbills and the Asian paradise flycatcher and 30

The Asian Paradise Flycatcher
The Asian Paradise Flycatcher

butterfly species including the plain tiger, commodore, common windmill and the magnificent striped blue crow.

In this extreme situation of COVID-19 pandemic, I can bet there could be no one having the same level of fun and adventure as we had in those days of our internship.

4. Magic Moments And The return

2 days before my return, we spotted a leopard just 100 meters from our place of rest with his prey, we waited there in our gypsy until we got a clear shot. Wow! What a feeling that was. We silently captured a few snaps before it went inside. Well, we had a better view.Jim corbett national park

Twenty minutes down, in a flash, we saw that leopard. It was really difficult to capture him but the visuals were worth it. We were happy as the day went really well for us. It’s just the environment that’s created by the drivers and all the tourists you speak with, would make you crave to spot a leopard.

This was my first trip as a group together and a first time I was experiencing the jungle. It was indeed a memorable experience and I really enjoyed all the sightings. Some of us found new bonds while some discovered a whole new love for the wild.

Special Thanks: My days in Jim Corbett National Park

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