Haldwani Kathgodam to Nainital

Hello friends, welcome once again to you people who always come to read my travel blog like a good friend. Friends, every time people coming to nainital face new problems, then here we have created this nainital travel blog to overcome those problems. In this article we will tell you about how to reach haldwani kathgodam to nainital.

Many of you requested to share this article to help tourists from Nainital, and I usually see that many tourists face the same situation. If someone asks Google, there is not enough text and only Google Maps is expected.

Haldwani Kathgodam to Nainital

Haldwani to Nainital
kathgodam to Nainital

The haldwani is said to be the gateway to Kumaon, and this is how trains can come from outside, in haldwani the railway station at the famous place called kathgodam. If you want to come to nainital from any other state from outside, then you have to pass through the city of haldwani, whether you come from delhi, come from mumbai or come from anywhere, you have to hello to haldwani and kathgodam city before reaching nainital.

Although there are many places to visit in Haldwani too, but we will talk about it sometime later today we will talk on how to reach haldwani to nainital. Friends, the best way for you to reach haldwani to nainital is that you can reach any bus of Nainital from haldwani bus stand and reach it comfortably. If you do not want to travel in a bus then you can easily reach Nainital in a taxi.

haldwani to nainital distance

The distance of haldwani to nainital is 43 kilometers by road, 43 kilometers by bus, you can listen to your favorite songs or watch a downloaded movie in the crooked paths of the mountains, let me tell you one thing clearly that here you have very little network Or will meet somewhere. So it would be better to download songs and web shows near you beforehand.

For best songs and you can you can download Gaana app and Savan. For web shows I will recommend you to use telegram 😉

Haldwani Kathgodam to Nainital road
Haldwani to Nainital road

Kathgodam railway station to nainital, you will easily reach Nainital by riding in a bus from the roadways bus station. If you are not at the haldwani bus station and you want to reach there, then you can speak to an auto person to leave there. If you do not want to go by bus then you can go by taxi, you choose according to convenience.

In haldwani to nainital road, you will see new places which will make your journey even more excited, believe if you have installed your earphone. And if you have played songs of your choice, then you will get your heart and mind refreshed by this wonderful sight of nature.

kathgodam to nainital road one can see many works of art filled with such nature. Such as Ranibag, Dolmar, Do gaav, Jeolikot, Hanuman Garhi you have to pass through these places, if you are fond of nature photography then you may get a best opportunity.

how to reach kathgodam to nainital

Taxis are constantly coming out of Nainital, Uttarakhand Parivahan goes on frequent kathgodam to nainital every 15-20 minutes. If you do not want to go to the bus then you can take a taxi, you will have someone to go to kathgodam to nainital, you can make your journey in a blissful way with ease.

Unless you find a car for Nainital or as I told you that there are frequent vehicles from there to Nainital, you can roam if you want to roam the city of Haldwani too.

The fare from Haldwani to Nainital was Rs 90 earlier in Uttarakhand transport but now it has doubled due to Corona. Latest taxi fare from Haldwani to Nainital is Rs 300 due to Corona virus.

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