Lakes in Nainital

Hello friends, in this article today, we will know how many lakes are there in Nainital and I will tell about some unseen lakes of Nainital which you are hardly aware of, This is a complete article about the lakes in Nainital district.

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famous Lakes in Nainital

Friends, Nainital is also known as Sarovar Nagri (lake city), Only by this name can we expect that there are many Sarovars i.e. lakes.

It is believed that once upon a time there were 60 lakes in Nainital, but some of them lost their existence due to human resources and some natural forms. But today we will share about all the lakes which are present in Nainital today.

Lakes in Nainital

The main turist attraction of Nainital is the center of Naini Lake, whose beauty is as low as I can describe it. Apart from Naini Lake, there are many lakes which are enjoyed by tourists from all over the world.

Apart from these locks, there are some other rhythms which are not present in the turist place. Let us know about the famous lakes in Nainital.

Naini lake

The center of attraction of tourists is the Tal mango shaped, whose length has been measured up to 28 meters. This Tal is located at the very edge of Mall Road, as soon as you reach Nainital, you will see its beauty. Read complete article on Nainital Lake

Bhimtal Lake

Bhimtal lake
Bhimtal lake

Situated at a distance of 25 KM from the Nainital, the depth of this lake is 18 meters. It is the largest lake in Nainital and has a length of at least 1.7 KM.

The special thing about this lake is that there is a small island in the middle of it which enhances its beauty even more. This lake is also shown in the 2018 film Batti Gul Meter Chalu. Read more about Bhimtal Lake

Naukuchia lake: famous lakes in Nainital

Naukuchiya tal is about 6KM ahead of Bhimtal, this lake is also said to be the deepest lake of Nainital whose depth has been measured up to about 53 meters.

Naukuchiatal lake in nainital
Naukuchiatal lake

There are 9 corners in this lake, but if you go out to find its corners, it is difficult to find 9 corners of 9 anytime, the view of this lake comes from far away. Read about things to do in Naukuchiatal lake

Nal Damyanti Lake

Just 2 KM from Bhimtal, this tal is built by Raja Nal. Nal Damyanti lake is 5 cornered shape. You can go here by Mehragoan or VikasBhawan of Bhimtal.

Garud lake

Garudatal lake is one of the seven lakes of Nainital. Garudatal is also known as Pannatal lake. here you will find most clean and peaceful environment.

Ram-laxman tal

Ram lake and Laxman lake is also two lakes of the Sattal lake of nainital. Sitatal lake is also the name of one of the seven lskes of Sattal.

Poorna Lake

Poorna Tal is also known as MalwaTal. Also situated in the Sattal road.

Sattal: 7 Lakes in Nainital

The lake derives its name because the simultaneous, interconnected group of seven lakes. These lakes are situated near Bhimtal and Bhowali.

A beautiful place to spend a couple of nights. A heaven for bird watchers and photographer to click best of the photographs. You can also enjoy adventure activities like kayaking, rope climbing , boating, water bouncing and etc.


Sukhatal lake is also situated in Nainital which has become dry due to the negligence of the people. It is said that some years ago this water used to remain, still it remains water during the rainy season.


Sariyatal is also known as Saritatal lake, it is 7 KM away from the Nainital. Saritatal lake is an artificial lake which is not very big but the water in this pool comes from the surrounding mountains, next to the road, this pool looks very beautiful.


Khurpatal also lies on the Nainital-Kaladhungi road, which is at a distance of 12 KM from Nainital, the shape of this pool looks is like a horse’s hoof.

Harishtal:  unseen lakes in Nainital

Harishtal is located 140 km from Nainital and 50 KM from haldwani in Okhalkanda. The way to reach Harishtala is very bad, that means you have to be very careful to reach Harishtal.

Away from the noise of the city, the green clear water of this pool, the surrounding nature and old houses are enough to win your heart, here you can enjoy the nature by coming with your friends.

It is believed that an old village is merged with this lake. Very few tourists come to Harishtal Lake as it is far away from Nainital and some people are not even aware of it. It is now being converted into a tourist place.

Lohakhamtal: unseen lake of Nainital

This lake is also inhabited in Okhalkanda. In fact, Harishtal lake and Lohakham lake are also together. It is believed that this lake was originated by iron, due to which it got the name Lohakham lake.

Here it is believed that bathing here is equivalent to bathing in the Kund of Haridwar. There is also a temple in this area which is called Lohakham Temple, there is also a big swing near this temple.

Both these palaces look quite beautiful naturally, when you look at them, it seems as if it is the most beautiful and quiet place in the world. Right now boating facility in these lakes is not available due to less tourists. But now, work has been started on these two lakes will soon be included in the tourist place.

An interesting fact about all the lakes of nainital is to tell you that if a person sees all the lakes of Nainital, then he will get the power of mind, I do not say this, rather old people say.

According to them, when sages and saints created the lake Nainital, they had blessed that if one sees all the lakes of the Nainital, then one will get glory.

Your Turn: Lakes in Nainital

Friends, I hope that you would have liked to know about some lakes of Nainital and two unseen lakes.

All I will say to you is that if you ever come to visit Nainital, then definitely visit any of these 2 or three lakes, here you will get to know a lot about nature.

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