China Peak or Naina Peak Nainital Uttarakhand

Naina Peak of Nainital is a very famous for trekking among tourists in Nainital, hundreds of visitors arrive here with their enthusiasm.

Naina Peak or China Peak is situated in south-east of Nainital, Uttarakhand. It’s a peak highest peak of Nainital basically of almost 2,619 meter from sea level. This is a largest peak of Nainital.

Due to its height, from here you can see a beautiful view of the entire Nainital and see what is in the hill behind Nainital.

Snow at naina peak
Snow at naina peak

Can we see China wall from Naina Peak Nainital

Naina Peak is also known as China Peak or Cheena peak. The old people believed that from here they used to show huge walls of China, I do not think it was right because in today’s time no Chinese wall can be seen from here.

Now, who knows if there was any wall visible from there or not, but it is not present in the present, now how can we say the past without any basis.

But many people thinks that it was only a myth of these people, and later it was changed to naini peak or cheena peak. Cheena Baba Mandir is situated at Mallital.

If you have still this question that can we see China wall from Nainital? So the answer is No. No china wall can be seen from naina peak of Nainital Uttarakhand.

How to reach Naina Peak of Nainital

It is 6 Kilometer from Mallital, You can’t reach here by any transport mode, You can reach Kilbury easily by car but after that you will have to get there on foot. You can also reach here by tracking with horses from snow view point.

Recently, 3 bike riders reached Naini Peak with their bikes… It’s a great adventure for them. But don’t you try to do something like this, it’s very risky dude.

To reach Naina Peak Nainital, you have to start your on foot journey from the Kilbury road Nainital, All you have to do is walk and walk through the dark forest, the paths around it are surrounded by trees.

There is another way to get there which goes through the High Court of Nainital. From this route you can go to both Naini Peak and Camel’s Back. There is a complete climb in this way, if you have difficulty climbing, then you should not go through it.

Himalaya from the Naina Peak
Himalaya from the Naina Peak

In the middle of this path you will also find the Satyanarayana temple, from there you can take a view of the amazing view.

In these paths, going in the morning and evening time is fatal, but in time you will not face any such dilemma.

Where do these roads end in the journey of life !! The destination is where the desires stop.

You will find many more things on the way, like mountains and other things, here you can enjoy a lot of autonomy and fresh air.

On the move, when you reach the height, you will see a room in the forest department, outside which you can see other peaks around Naina Peak with a beautiful angle with a certain angle.

The Feeling

When you reach Naina Peak, you will feel like you have conquered Everest, and if there are no clouds over Nainital, then the purpose of going to Naini Peak will be successful.

Naina Peak Nainital
Naina Peak Nainital

If there will be clouds over Nainital, you will find it very difficult to see a very beautiful view of Nainital, so whenever you think of going to Naini Peak, make sure that it is sunny day.

You must take light food and snacks for yourself from the market of Nainital as you will not find any such shops there.

But friends, take care of the cleanliness of Nainital, bring the garbage with you in the bag and put it in the dustbin.

The Bottom Line

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