Naukuchiatal: best place to visit in Nainital

hi, this article is all about Naukuchiatal the best place to visit in Nainital and its beauty, welcome, today we are going to write about a very beautiful place of Nainital to visit.

guys, If you are going to visit Nainital and want to know about the best places to visit where to stay, what to see, and where to visit. So, I have published a lot of travel guide articles on this blog check them all.

We will next publish about Khurpatal another tourist place to visit in Nainital. So now enjoy this article.


Naukuchiatal is a very quite and joyful place ever. It is a picturesque place situated 4 km from Bhimtal, 15 from Bhowali and 25 km from Nainital. From Haldwani it is almost 33 km away. Read this Haldwani to Nainital. Everyday hundreds of tourists come here to have fun in this this picturesque place.

Naukuchiatal Lake
Pic credit- Suraj Bhatt

This lake with 9 corners is famous due to its special feature of nine corners, and the name of the place is Naukuchiatal due to it is having 9 corners. If you want to know, how was Bhimtal named? Then read this article complete guide for Bhimtal I’m sure it will be interesting to you.

Naukuchiatal is very popular tourist place of the Nainital, and we have listed it on our best places to visit in Nainital’s list. In Naukuchiatal Lake you can see many beautiful ducks and lotus flowers here.

A bit about this lake

The Naukuchia lake is very deep and very big in size, The water is dark green of this lake and here are many fishes and snakes. The depth of this pool is estimated to be about 40.3 meter i.e. 132 ft. Naukuchiatal is the deepest lake in Nainital district.

The beautiful surroundings will catch your attention, if you love nature and peace at a time then guys this place is made for you. I love this place very much and always visit here when I get any chance.

beautiful Ducks in Naukuchiya Lake
beautiful Ducks

You can also see Naukuchiatal from the road leading to Jangalia village or from other nearby peaks, the view of this lake is very attractive and incomparable.

We will soon write an article on Jangalia village, The road to Chota Kailash also goes from one place in the middle of the road leading to Jangalia village. And from here, a little Chota Kailash is also visible.

By the way, Naukuchiatal is a very quiet and wonderful place where many people come to explore this place every day.

Just as a song from Batti Gul Meter Chalu Movie was shot in Bhimtal, a recent Pak (holy) movie has been shot in Naukuchiatal. More videos are shot after each week.

In Naukuchiatal, there are many things for the enjoyment of which I will tell you in detail here.

Things to do in Naukuchiatal

This place near Bhimtal is surrounded by lush green forest and hills, this place is quite quiet and beautiful. Let us know which activity is there to increase the thrill of tourists in Naukuchiatal.

Naukuchiatal Lake
Naukuchiatal Lake


Talking about the lake and not boating there, how can it happen, Boating in Naukuchiatal is one of the most popular activity even today. Here you will get to see different types of boats in which you can enjoy cruising with your friends and family.

Bird Watching

The chirping of the birds at this quiet and beautiful place shows that many beautiful and sweet-sounding birds are sitting around the Naukuchiatal.

Tourists here enthusiastically watch bird watching and click their photos with their cameras. It is an excellent place for bird watching.

Horse riding

If you have a hobby like kings, then you should go horse riding and who does not like horse riding anyway. And in Naukuchiatal, horse riding in such a beautiful environment… how fascinating it will be?

Zip lining

The zip line crossing is an adventurous activity taking place in Naukuchiatal, where one can go from one shore of the lake to the other by swinging in the air.

Zippling in Naukuchiatal Lake
Zippling in Naukuchia Lake

Mountain biking

There are also large mountains around Naukuchiatal where one can enjoy mountain biking. Naukuchiatal is famous in the local as a great place for mountain bikers.


Naukuchiatal is quite famous for paragliding. Hundreds of tourists can be seen regularly flying in the air and enjoying that moment here. The sight of people flying in the sky when seen from a distance is quite spectacular.

People who enjoy paragliding flying in the air are really very adventurous, it would be very exciting wouldn’t it?


Another best place to visit in Nainital for meditation, I have also mention this activity in my another article, if you are a daily visitor of this blog then you know that place very well.

Naukuchiatal is a very special place for peace loving people.


If you know the benefits of doing yoga in a calm and pure air, then this place is special for you again. You should do yoga daily in a cool and pure environment to make the mind and brain strong.

Places to visit in Naukuchiatal

By the way, you can roam the whole way, if you have done activities happening in Naukuchiatal, now you can also visit some places around Naukuchiatal. Now, Let us know about the places to visit in Naukuchiatal.

best places to visit in Nainital
places to visit

The Hanuman Temple

This temple is also known as Vaishno Devi Mandir in Naukuchiatal. There is a 52 feet tall statue of Bajrang Bali, it is a divine center of faith for the local people.

Many artificial caves have been built in this temple. These caves lead to all the important places in the temple including the feet of Lord Hanuman’s statue, meditation center, rest house for devotees, and the ancient Shani Temple.pla


Bhimtal is also a most liked tourist place of Nainital, I have already written an article on my blog. You can read other blog article for best places to visit in Nainital and tips and tricks for traveling.

Bhimtal has many things to do and, many places to visit. It is a great place for all kind of tourists.

Jangalia Gaon

This place is most underrated, adventurous place. There is a lot of agricultural work in Jangaliya village. Fresh vegetables are also sent from here to the vegetable market of Haldwani usually.

There is a 20 to 25 minute route from Naukuchiatal to Jangaliya village. Various tourists also visit Janglia Gaon for wildlife photography and bird watching. This is a hidden treasure of Naukuchiatal and should not be missed.

How to reach Naukuchiatal

Reaching Naukuchiatal is very easy for anyone and from anywhere. First you have to visit Kathgodam or Haldwani from outside of Uttarakhand state. You can reach Kathgodam by train, Kathgodam is the nearest railway station from Naukuchiatal.

If you are in Nainital or Kaichi Dham temple then you can take a taxi from both places for Naukuchiatal if not Naukuchiatal than go for Bhimtal.

The Bottom Line: Naukuchiatal

If you visit anywhere in Nainital then please take care of the cleanliness, Be kind to everybody. If you think we are doing a good work by this blog to help people then you can share any of our article to your Facebook wall or among your friends.

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