The waterfalls of Nainital

This is another article from Nainitaltalks, this article is about the waterfalls of Nainital. By Waterfalls of Nainital I mean waterfalls from the local area of Nainital. I’m not writing about the Bhalugaar waterfall, Corbett waterfall or about the Dhokaney waterfall of Nainital.

Nainital is obviously a name that’s famous for its heavenly lake and the godly hills around.But that’s not all it has got.There’s more to this place to discover. Deep in the woods, under the serene sky falls the beauty from not so high but high enough to arouse the zest for life.

another waterfall
Photograph of the waterfall

Not so far from the main town lies the snow view point from where one can witness the almighty Himalayas. And that’s where our journey starts. From here we head towards a distant village named Dunikhal. Though Dunikhal too is a camping site (a.k.a. the Chaukhamba Camps) but that’s not our destination. The Waterfalls lie in the forest that is spread between Nanital and Dunikhal.

After descending into the forest we find a brook rushing downwards, this brook not only accompanies us in the journey but also hosts all the three waterfalls that lie in this part of the jungle. This is an off road trek as well as less known to people which makes this a perfect place to find peace, but this serenity comes at a cost.

We don’t have tour guides or any kind of maps to reach there. The only way one can reach there is by taking help of the local residents at the Snow View point learning about the path for Dunikhal from them. Thanks to the gods, this path has no intersection or bisection, it is a single piece pavement from Nainital to Dunikhal which prevents anyone from deviating.

The first waterfall of Nainital

Here is the first waterfall falling from a considerable height :

the first waterfall of nainital
first waterfall

Second Waterfall of Nainital

the second waterfall I visited is looks like an amazing view. It is a very beautiful waterfall, surrounded by nature, this waterfall is really relaxing. If you want to see the beauty of nature and feel the sound of water, then you can feel the beautiful sound of this waterfall from around it.

Relaxing waterfall
A beautiful waterfall

Third waterfall of Nainital

Here comes the last one and the tallest one yet. This is the biggest (only mentioned in this article) waterfall I have visited till now. This waterfall is also very beautiful, sitting on the edge of this waterfall, I can write a new song in such a calm and untamed waterfall.

The other waterfalls

other waterfalls of the nainital
Another waterfall

There are other waterfalls too in this area but these are dangerous to visit so better is to look for waterfalls on the opposite side of the valley…i.e. The valley that lies near Pangot (yet another camping site located 10km from Nainital). Will shortly write about the Pangot travel guide.

Things to do in these waterfalls of Nainital

I don’t recommend to visit these places at night, here are various wild animals that can be harmful to you. Even if you visit in day time then be aware because precaution is better than cure. Here you can do several things to do here…

things to do in waterfalls
things to do in waterfalls


Meditation is the best thing to do here in a quite atmosphere. If you love to meditation and want the peace of mind then yes you will definitely get the peace of mind.

Creativity: the waterfalls of Nainital

mind becomes more creative in quiet atmosphere like these waterfalls, you can boost your creativity level at these places.


A good place for musicians, painters and nature lovers. If you are a musician then trust me you will be able to do such magical things here with your music which will never be forgotten. Get there with your instrument and start composing the good stuffs.


Are you a poet, writer or content creator? This place will open all the holes in your brain and help you to do your best. which can take your work to the next level.


Obviously, photography is one of the popular thing to do here. Whichever person he sees, he does just this by opening his mobile camera. Yes, after the arrival of movies like 3 Idiot and Instagram everyone likes to be a photographer. However, at these places, you can take great photographs.

The Bottom Line: waterfalls of Nainital

Once you get here at Nainital we hope you’ll take these adventures.I request you all to please do not spread garbage spread love instead. These waterfalls are neat and clean, please do not throw garbage around them.

We’ll return yet with another informative article till then please share our articles with your friends and subscribe our blog to get our article in your email.

Thanks to Ajay for photos and some write ups. Visit his profile for the amazing photographs @ajaysingh. Thanks for reading and happy Journey… 🙂

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