Tiffin Top Nainital Uttarakhand Guide

Tiffin top Nainital Uttarakhand, situated at a height of 2292 meters, this place is a center of great attraction for tourists. There are two main routes to reach here, which are surrounded by dense trees and plants.

A part of the Nainital tiffin top is completely open from where a spectacular view of the entire Nainital can be seen.

You can never get bored with your friends in Tiffin Top, here you can enjoy your trip in a wonderful way. So keep reading this article to know the full guide on Tiffin Top Nainital Uttarakhand.

If you are a music lover, then you can bring a guitar with you, sit here and do good singing with your friends and entertain others and yourself.

how do I get to tiffin top

Both the paths leading to Tiffin top are quite wide, although you have to climb uphill going to Tiffin Top, if you are fond of hiking and adventure then you will have lots of fun going to Tiffin Top with your friends.

Hello friends, in this article today we have come to give you information about tiffin top Nainital information in Hindi.

Tiffin Top of Nainital is the famous picnic spot here, it is also known as Dorothy Seat. You can’t reach here by taxi, cars, bikes, and by air, you have to reach here by foot by two paths which I’ve mentioned above.

Tiffin Top Nainital Uttarakhand

Friends, in a previous article, we have told that if you are a little curious to know about Nainital, about the place of excursion around Nainital and the culture of Nainital, then read this article. Places to visit in nainital

Nainital ka tiffin top is a very good place for visitors to visit, hundreds of users will be seen here all the time. Mainly people here admire the beauty of Nainital and enjoy horse riding, horse riding at Nainital is also a popular activity here.

Many people enjoy nature with horse riding and complete their journey in a very luxurious way. Here, Due to some bumpy paths, a walking person can guess the horses nearby by hearing the sound of bells tied around the horse’s neck’s.

If you have not done horse riding in your life till date or you want to go horse riding and want to add some more adventure in your life then you should go horse riding in Nainital once.

Tiffin top Nainital Uttarakhand
View of Tiffin top Nainital

At this place you can see the amazing views of sunrise and sunset and can be captured in your camera, if you are fond of photography then this place will be great for you, knowing tiffin top and coming from tiffin top Till sure, you will have more than one good photo.

tiffin top nainital

Now, we will tell you what does Tiffin Top of Nainital looks like? Friends, though the entire Nainital is visible from here, we tell you some main places. From here you see the birds-eye view, mall road, Naini lake, buddha monastery, and some part of the Nainital zoo. College and school students are seen here every day as a very spectacular picnic point.

If you ever think of coming to Nainital and come here, once visit this place which is a must-visit and enjoy the horse riding and yes, walking a little ahead of the tiffin top, you will find a great place called cliffs, about this place. We will give the information soon.

Looking at the night from here, the city of Nainital looks very beautiful in the lights and reflected the lights of the pool. There are some restaurants near the tiffin top where you will get things like tea, coffee, and Maggi.

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